Meet Coco & Lola

Coco has more refined tastes in lingerie than Lola and has sought out our more sophisticated lines & brands. She always leans towards the more classic or vintage inspired pieces made of the finest satins, silks and lace. Coco is very much the romantic so her side of the shop is stocked full of bridal whites, pastel frillies and an elegant array of chemise, bustiers, babydolls, steel boned corsets, waist cinchers and just about any kind of frothy or sheer undergarment you could wish for and with any style stocking you needed to go with it !!

Right now Coco is enjoying the resurgence of “pin-up” and crushing bigtime on “steampunk” and “Moulin Rouge Burlesque” so you’ll find that influence on her side of the shop as well. Coco loves to make women look fabulous and feel confident in their own skin. That’s why she is tireless when it comes to styling and fitting every client until they are smiling at the reflection they both see in front of them. Coco says…

           “Lingerie is very personal. An investment in good lingerie is an investment in yourself because good fitting, beautifully designed and crafted undergarments not only look, fit and feel better but make a woman’s spirit soar with a lacy frilly confidence that you just don’t get from your everyday undergarments…I say, pamper yourself !  Why shouldn’t you feel lacy and frilly every day !!    Besides… who knows who might just happen to get a peek ."  - Coco                    

Lola’s taste in lingerie is a lot spicier than Coco’s. She prefers a little leather with her lace and on Lola’s side of the boutique you’ll find edgier selections made of leather, latex, fishnet and fur.  Still, most of her selections have a vintage feel to them only with a twist. You’ll find nothing X rated in the shop but all of Lola’s selections are chosen with “playfulness” in mind. There is many a lady who enters the shop and heads straight to the Coco side of the store but walks out of the shop wearing something chosen on the Lola side.   

Lola is definitely taking lingerie in the 901 to the next level.  From the killer bachelorette lingerie parties, she hosts after hours, to making sure that the walls of Memphis Top Lingerie Shop are covered with a huge assortment of panties and boxed sets ranging from costumes, bodysuits, leather thigh-highs, gloves and just about any sexy undergarment with a chain, zipper or garter you could imagine and ALL of it promising a good time !!!

Currently Lola is obsessed with bondage inspired bandage & caged pieces which are all the rage. She is a Master Fitter and her “get down” is finding just the right fitting piece and then cinching the ladies up till they “own it”.  Lola says…

    “I believe there is a Lola in every Coco out there…even if they just keep it to themselves…but if they decide to share… it’s my mission to make sure they slay !”  -Lola